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Discover the Secure, Nurturing Environment at St. Bartholomew School

At St. Bartholomew School, the safety and security of our students and staff are our highest priority. Our campus is a sanctuary where learning and growth flourish in a secure environment, thanks to our state-of-the-art safety measures and a comprehensive capital improvement plan designed with your child's well-being in mind.

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State-of-the-Art Surveillance

Your child’s safety is our utmost concern. We have equipped our campus with over 25 advanced security cameras, ensuring constant monitoring of both indoor and outdoor spaces. This extensive surveillance system helps us maintain a secure environment, providing peace of mind for parents and a safe haven for students.


Robust Door Security Systems

Our school features self-locking security doors that are monitored and controlled remotely, ensuring the campus is secure at all times. These measures prevent unauthorized access and ensure that only those who belong are allowed entry.


Innovative Keyless Security Platform

We utilize a cutting-edge, keyless security platform that supports scalable and continuous communication across the campus. This system is integrated with smartphone-enabled applications, allowing our staff to manage and control security protocols effortlessly and efficiently, no matter where they are. This technology ensures that our security measures are always in place and up to date.


Dedicated Supervision and Regular Safety Drills

Children are supervised at all times as they move between classrooms and buildings. Our teachers and staff are well-versed in conducting various safety drills and demonstrations, equipping them to respond effectively to any critical incidents. Regular practice of these drills ensures that both students and staff are confident and prepared.


Thorough Volunteer Screening and Training

Safety is a community effort. All volunteers, including parents, are required to complete child protection training through the Archdiocese of Washington’s VIRTUS program, which includes online training modules, fingerprinting, and background checks. This rigorous screening process ensures that every adult on campus is thoroughly vetted and committed to the safety of our students. We encourage at least one

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