St. Bartholomew Student Life

St. Bartholomew students enjoy an over 10 acre campus with two athletic fields, a new gymnasium, a new playground, an outdoor classroom, recently remodeled classrooms, and a variety of opportunities to grow and challenge themselves in different areas.  Each student is provided with developmentally appropriate activities both during the day and after school that will engage them intellectually, physically and spiritually.  

Students at St. Bartholomew receive religious instruction as well as attend mass weekly to reinforce the importance of faith and God in their daily lives.  This important aspect of our education model grounds our students in their Catholic faith and helps them to model their faith in their daily decisions.

Our school schedule is designed to make sure that all of our students are able to have recess breaks as needed at each developmental stage.  Younger students enjoy 2 outdoor recess times, as well as the ability to move throughout the campus during the school day.  Older students have 1 outdoor recess per day, and move throughout the campus as well.  An active student body is part of maintaining a healthy and active campus.  

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Daily Schedule

  • 7:00am - 7:45am: Morning Care (extra fee)
  • 8:00am: School Begins with Prayer/Announcements.
  • 9:50am: Primary Snack/Break
  • 10:05am: Middle School Break
  • 10:30am: Pre-K Snack/Break
  • 11:30am-12:30pm: Pre-K Lunch/Recess
  • 11:50am-12:30pm: K-4th Lunch/Recess
  • 12:15pm-12:55pm: 5th-8th Lunch/recess
  • 12:35pm-12:50pm: D.E.A.R ( Drop Everything & Read) Time for Pre-K - 4th Grade
  • 3:00pm: Dismissal
  • 3:00pm - 6:00pm: After Care (extra fee)


  • CYO Soccer
  • CYO Basketball
  • CYO Cross Country
  • Baseball
  • Flag Football
  • Indoor Tennis
  • Iron Bobcat Lacrosse
  • XCEL Youth Sports (Pre-K - 2nd)
  • 990% of our students play an after school sport
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Faith & Service

  • Morning prayers
  • Weekly Mass for the entire school
  • 4th Grade Stations of the Cross Presentation
  • Annual All School Living Rosary
  • Sacrement Preparation
  • Altar Serving
  • Sock and Coat Drive for the Needy
  • Thanksgiving Meal for the Needy
  • Christmas Gifts for the children and mothers at Mary House
  • Christmas Adopt a Family Program and Meal Donations
  • Liturty Committee
  • School Supply Drive for children in Need
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Extracurricular Activities & Clubs

  • Student Government
  • Liturgy Committee
  • School Newspaper
  • Robotics/STEM Labs
  • School Play and Musicals
  • Academic Challenge Group
  • ADW Band
  • Girl Scouts
  • Art Classes
  • Piano Lessons
  • Service Project Groups
  • Tutoring
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Team Houses and Traditions

  • Christmas Pageant
  • 8th Grade v. Faculty Basketball Game
  • 8th Grade v. Faculty Turkey Bowl
  • 8th Grade Retreat
  • 8th Grade Ski Trip
  • 8th Grade Trip to Hershey Park
  • 6th Grade Outdoor Ed Trip
  • 5th Grade Williamsburg Trip
  • 4th Grade Annapolis Trip
  • Halloween parade and Trunk or Treat
  • Muffins with Moms
  • Donuts with Dads
  • 6th Grade Annual Bingo Night
  • Annual Father Daughter Dance
  • Quarterly Honors Mass
  • School Teams
  • All School Thanksgiving Day Feast
  • Sweets with Santa
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St. Bartholomew Students wear a uniform to school each day. Our uniform policy exists to minimize distractions during the school day and to create consistency in behavior. Uniforms are available for purchase at Flynn & O'Hara in Rockville, MD. Find out More: Uniform Page Link

Student Newspaper

The Bobcat Times is a quarterly school newspaper that is written, edited and published by St. Bartholomew Students who are part of the Journalism Club. The Journalism Club meets biweekly to research, investigate and report on Bobcat news. Student reporters interview fellow students, parents, faculty and administration before writing and editing articles. Editors, reporters and junior reporters all have important roles in publishing the quarterly newspaper, from layout design to assembly and distribution. Find out More: Student Newspaper Page Link

Music & The Arts

  • Art class at school includes various forms of media including sculpture, painting, drawing and mixed media.
  • Music class gives instruction on theory, as well as singing and various musical instrument use
  • After school music lessons are available on campus with our music instructor
  • ADW Band for beginner and advanced meets after school
  • Art lessons are available from our art teacher after school
  • Annual musical provides a theater experience for interested students of all ages.
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