Why Volunteering Matters:

  • Friendships and Community:  Getting involved is a great way to meet other parents and get to know the various families and staff members at the school well.  If you are new to the school, it is a fabulous way to become part of the community.  One of the advantages to being a member of our school is being able to be part the community of families that are involved with the school each week.

  • Modeling Service:  Volunteering your time is an active way to model service to your children.  Our Catholic Identity stresses service – both in our parish and the community at large.  Your children best learn the value of service by watching you engage actively in service yourself. 

  • Traditions and Family Memories:  Events and activities that parents help organize and run create a sense of tradition and memories for children at every age.  These special events are such an important part of creating traditions and joyful memories for our students, and cannot be accomplished without your help.

  • Campus Enrichment Capital improvements to the campus and extra funds for teachers and classrooms are made possible with volunteer efforts and funds raised by our volunteer run events.  2019 Goals & Objectives

  • High School Applications:  On a practical note, as children move towards the eventual high school application process, most high schools ask for and want to see parent participation and involvement beyond the basic tasks.  Volunteering with HSA is a good way to ensure you have this important element of family participation is addressed. 

​HSA considers its parents’ creativity, ideas, and areas of expertise to be invaluable to St. Bartholomew School.  Our volunteers enrich the lives of every teacher, staff member and child.  We are always excited to hear from parents and help them find ways to become uniquely involved in their child’s school and the larger community. 


We look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you!


L. Abod

HSA President

T. Walker

HSA Vice President

J. Alvarez


M. Federowicz


We extend a warm welcome from the St. Bartholomew Home & School Association (HSA)!  HSA is the organizational group of parent volunteers at St. Bartholomew School.  Our volunteerism is managed through and active HSA that works in conjunction with the Administration and the Parish.


Our school is enriched through active and structured participation by its parents.  Each child’s experiences at St. Bartholomew School are so greatly improved with parental involvement, which creates both a community for our students as well as a community of adults that can enjoy the real benefits of fellowship and shared interests.

Room Parent & Committee Meetings are underway!

Next HSA meeting: Jan. 10, 2022 @ 8am