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In response to requests from the school community several years ago, St. Bartholomew Catholic School elected to consolidate all additional fees and charges by folding them into overall tuition rates rather than charge the fees separately at later dates.  This “all-inclusive” policy allows families to get an upfront, accurate picture of the total cost to attend St. Bart’s, and gives them the ability to “finance” these additional fees and costs in installments, as set forth by their selected tuition payment plan.  


Included Fees and Costs:   ​

  • Textbook and Periodical Costs

  • General Classroom Materials

  • Technology Fees

  • Standardized Testing Fees

  • 8th Grade Graduation Fee

  • Annual Membership Fee to HSA (Home & School Association)

  • Yearbook

Tuition does not include extracurricular activities, before/after care, field trips, uniforms, or back to school supplies.


$13,800 per child

The actual cost to educate each child is approximated to be over $15,000.   This cost, less the tuition rate, is funded by St. Bartholomew Parish and the fundraising efforts by the school.

To support our school community and prospective scholars, we have established the St. Bartholomew Educational Fund through the Parish to make the lower tuition rate possible. 



St. Bartholomew Catholic School delivers a rigorous, faith based curriculum to students that represent a diverse economic community.  Our school believes no deserving student should miss out on a St. Bartholomew education because of cost.  To do all we can to support our school community and prospective scholars, we have the St. Bartholomew Education Fund, which is made possible through the Church and School.


In addition to the St. Bartholomew Grant provided by the Educational Fund, St. Bartholomew families may also apply for tuition assistance directly from the Archdiocese of Washington and/or from Maryland's BOOST program.  

Tuition assistance provided directly through the Archdiocese of Washington is given based on demonstrated financial need to Catholic families with students in grades K-8. 

Returning  & New Student applications are due on February 16, 2024 (for the '24-'25 school year)

Please select the buttons below to learn more about how to obtain financial aid from these two sources.  

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