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Supporting your child’s school traditions and classrooms

Home & School Association events are designed to raise funds that support community events and program activities, as well as other forms of support for teachers and their classrooms. 


These fundraisers help the school pay for the traditions and special events that enrich the daily lives of our children and families. All funds are directed toward goals that the administration and the HSA agree will be beneficial for the school community as a whole.

Please consider including St. Bart's in your annual giving or check out our newly developed Bobcat Boosters program.  Whether you are a company looking to boost customer loyalty through repeated exposure to the thousands of members of the St. Bartholomew parish and school community or a family wishing to support your child’s school, your message will touch thousands. Your investment in St. Bart’s makes such a difference in the lives of our students and in the growth of our school. 

Not sure if a multi-event sponsorship is right for you or your business?  Single event sponsorships are just as sweet!  The cost of each event can span hundreds or thousands of dollars.  You can sponsor a single event for $750!  Phone-a-friend and partner up!  Single event sponsorships can be shared between two families and enjoyed by all.  Each single event sponsor will be recognized on event promotion & social media, and when applicable, include admission to the event.  




L. Abod

HSA President

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