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How to connect your donation with a matching donor

St. Bartholomew School endeavors each year to fulfill its mission to educate children and families within the Catholic faith.  This work cannot be accomplished without your financial support, as well as the parish and the surrounding community

Matching gifts are a great way to make your donation go farther and help the school.  Each company has a different process for obtaining a match to your gift.  Below are some common steps taken, but you will need to verify the exact process with your particular employer or with the company from which you are requesting the match.  

Taking a moment to determine if your donation can be matched makes an enormous difference to the school.  We thank you for your efforts on our behalf. 


Ms. Neda Ghassabeh 

Director of Marketing and Development


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Bethesda, MD  20817

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Typical Steps for Donors Submitting a Paper Match Process

Employees at corporations with paper match forms go through the following steps to submit their match requests:

  1. Make a donation

  2. Determine if their company matches employee donations

  3. Locate and submit the appropriate matching gift form from their company

  4. Notify the charity that the match will be made

Typical Components of Electronic Match Process

Employee Sign In / Registration

  • Employees usually use their standard username and password to access the company’s electronic matching gift submission form. Sometimes retirees must register in order to use the system. This is often done through a third party company such as the JK-GroupAmerigives, or Causecast.

  • Employee Submission

    • Employees go through the process of registering their match requests. This typically includes:

      • Finding the nonprofit organization from the list of IRS 501(c)(3) organizations

      • Providing information about their previous donation such as the amount and date of the donation

      • Submitting their matching gift requests.

  • Nonprofit Verification

    • While the most challenging part of receiving matching gift funds is getting donors to initiate the matching gift process, don’t forget that your nonprofit also has a role to play.

    • After the employee registers the matching gift request, the nonprofit is normally notified by mail that an employee requested a match. At this point, the nonprofit must log into the company’s online verification system to confirm that the employee actually made a donation to the organization. Nonprofits may also be asked to send a letter verifying their 501(c)(3) status.

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