40 Reasons to Love St. Bart's

40 Reasons to Love St. Bart's was a parent-led campaign in the Fall of 2019 to discover forty special ways St. Bart's stands out.

Reason # 40 - Recess

Reason #39- Minecraft: Education Edition

Reason #38- Our Music Teacher

Reason #37- Individualized Learning

Reason #36- Turkey Bowl

Reason #35- All Saints Day

Reason #34- Art Instruction 

Reason #33- Hands-On Science

Reason #32- Cursive

Reason #31- Field Trips

Reason #30- Pre-K 3

Reason #29- Outdoor Classroom

Reason #28- Outstanding Teachers with Enriched Backgrounds

Reason #27- Safety Patrol Leadership

Reason #26- Morning Meetings

Reason #25- Service Work

Reason #24- Our Parents (Thanksgiving Special)

Reason #23- CYO Sports

Reason #22- Our Beautiful Campus

Reason #21- Self-Discipline

Reason #20- Academic Excellence

Reason #19- Instrumental Music

Reason #18- Healthy Hot Lunches

Reason #17- Fun & Safe Afterschool Activities

Reason #16- Trunk or Treat

Reason #15- Experts in Multisensory Learning

Reason #14- D.E.A.R. Time

Reason #13- Upper School & Lower School Buddies

Reason #12- Our New Church Hall

Reason #11- Extraordinary Visitors

Reason #10- Our Students Give Back

Reason #9- STEM Education

Reason #8- Wonder Day

Reason #7- Spring Musicals

Reason #6- Extraordinary Opportunities

Reason #5- Creative & Empowered Student Council Leadership

Reason #4- Before and Aftercare

Reason #3- Religious Experience

Reason #2- Bobcat Buddies

Reason #1- We ARE St.Bart's

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Trailblazers in Education: CCSE Recognizes St. Bart's

Posted October 14, 2018;  updated August 19, 2019


This fall of 2017, the Catholic Coalition for Special Education (CCSE) awarded St. Bart's with a generous grant to support our efforts to offer an inclusive education to all children.  Our mission is to provide a top-notch Catholic education to any child who seeks it, and this grant has made it possible to add additional resource staff to support all of our learners, including those with Down Syndrome, ADHD, and dyscalcula among others.


Our Resource Team consists of department chair, Mrs. Barbara Brown (Zoey '20), Reading Specialist Laura Digges, Certified Special Educator Amanda McMurtrie Herndon, and assistant Jennifer Slater.  ​

On March 16, 2019 St. Bartholomew School was recognized as a Trailblazer in Education at the  CCSE Believe in Me! Spring Benefit and in August 2019 CCSE has committed to awarding St. Bart's a second grant award.

We are also fortunate to have been awarded support by Tribute 21, another wonderful organization dedicated to raising awareness and funds to support those with Down Syndrome.

Learn more about CCSE and their incredible work in the community.