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  •    170      ...Approximate student enrollment.

  •          17       ...Average number of students per class.

  •         9:1      ...Impressive student to teacher ratio.

  •          61            ...Number of years educating the community.

  •  1000 +  ...Average number of socks gathered for the homeless during the annual "Socktober" Service Project.

  •           11      ...Total acreage of the St. Bartholomew campus.

  •      34       ...Percentage of students/families that identify as persons of color, or are of international heritage.

  •          36       ...Number of Masses attended by students during the school year.

  •      30       ...Percentage of students currently receiving additional tuition support from the school or the ADW.

  •      90       ...Average percentage of upper school students who participate in an after school sport.

  •    100       ...Percentage of students that attend a top choice for high school.

  •      31       ...Percentage of Faculty and Staff that identify as persons of color or of international heritage.

  •    100      ...Percentage of students who participate in St. Bart's House Teams.

  •             0         ...Number of students who are cut from a team sport at St. Bartholomew.

  • 1963         ...Year that St. Bartholomew Catholic School was founded.

  •      20       ...Approximate percentage of students that are non-Catholic.

  • 6900       ...Street address of St. Barts on River Road in Bethesda, MD.    

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