Our Philosophy

St. Bartholomew School is excited to offer a Pre-K 3s program for younger students in our community!  This program focuses on the Energizing Readiness method in a small community that fosters a loving and caring atmosphere.  Being part of such a community encourages and allows children to develop their own unique gifts, talents and abilities, which in turn helps them to learn to value themselves as well as others. 


Our teachers work within a model that offers a structured, multi-sensory curriculum that focuses on the pre-reading skills of oral language, phonological awareness, letter recognition, and letter sounds.  Each of the 26 letters, (and their corresponding alphabetic principle) and the numbers zero through nine are reinforced through multi-sensory teaching techniques.  

Our curriculum is special because it focuses not only on these academic goals, but also on all aspects of their early development, including social, emotional, physical, intellectual, creative and spiritual growth. 

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Class Size and Environment:

Our smallest students require a low teacher to student ration to ensure that each child receives the attention and care that he or she needs and deserves.  

The class will have a maximum size of 20 students with 3 full time teachers so that an impressive 7:1 ratio can be ensured.  

The classroom is a large, light filled room in the main school building.  The room is filled with artwork from various children's literature books, mulitple areas for learning that include both floor and group tables, an interactive Smart Board for full technology integration, and a dedicated, private bathroom sized for young children in the room.  

Typical Schedule for our 3's:
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Stacking Blocks
Kids Painting
Creative and Spiritual Development

St. Bartholomew School believes that fostering spiritual growth and encouraging creativity, is critical in developing a healthy and whole child.  Children in our program benefit from the many resources already available at our grade school, including a new gymnasium, an art and music department, and a warm and inviting library, as well as weekly mass and instruction about how God is part of their lives.