Curriculum Overview

As children of God, faith guides our daily opportunities to grow academically and spiritually. This program overview shows an integrated and strategically planned curriculum designed to encourage intellectual curiosity, independence, and social responsibility through the years.​  Our curriculum utilizes 5 major learning areas, with "specials" that incorporate technology, cultural arts, and foreign language studies, into our student's daily routines.  


Each grade level, beginning with our earliest learnings, utilizes tiered small groups for major subject areas to ensure that each child's pace and needs are individually met.  This approach not only ensures a low student to teacher ratio for all students, but facilitates differentiated learning in a flexible and regularly assessed manner.  

Concentrated learning in 5 main areas:

  • Religion

  • Language Arts (reading, phonics, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, creative writing, and penmanship)

  • Mathematics

  • Social Studies

  • Science 

Specials (1-2 per day, in all grade levels*):

  • Art

  • Computer Science (literacy games, typing skills, software usage) and Library

  • Music

  • Physical Education

  • Spanish* (starting in Kindergarten) 

Our award winning, comprehensive program is designed to engage and inspire all of our students to seek out their passion and to acknowledge their potential.   

Our distinguished, diverse, and talented faculty are able to exercise instruction from their own academic and professional experiences, which allows for the delivery of high quality instruction and stellar learning outcomes. 

The St. Bartholomew curriculum complies with the Archdiocese of Washington's accredited curriculum standards.  

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