Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple...Kindergarten preparedness is best accomplished by preparing the whole child.  What does this mean? 


Our Pre-K students are part of a small community that fosters a loving and caring atmosphere.  Being part of such a community encourages and allows children to develop their own unique gifts, talents and abilities, which in turn helps them to learn to value themselves as well as others. 


Pre-Kindergarten at St. Bartholomew School is carefully designed to encourage each child to learn and grow in a developmentally appropriate and nurturing environment. We work closely with each child to encourage a love of learning, self confidence, self-respect, and a sense of community - all vital components of a child’s complete pre-primary experience.  

Our curriculum focuses on all aspects of their early development, including social, emotional, physical, intellectual, creative and spiritual growth. 

Social, Emotional & Physical Development

Through developmentally appropriate practices, we help our youngest students learn important skills such as:

  • getting along with others

  • taking care of oneself

  • sharing

  • listening

  • following directions

  • carrying out responsibilities

  • expressing and coping with feelings in an appropriate manner

  • and developing an interest in the world around them 


Children develop their gross motor skills through physical education class and extended outdoor play time or, when weather does not permit, play in our new gymnasium.

Intellectual Development

Our program prepares students to be successful in Kindergarten by teaching literacy, pre-reading, writing, math, and elementary technology skills, all of which help improve self-confidence and increase independence.  

In order to ease their transition into Kindergarten, our students also learn fine motor skills which will help them with correct formation of letters and numbers and use of a mouse and keyboard.  Methods of teaching include hands-on activities, demonstrations, dramatic play, music, art, and creative movement.  

Children benefit from a low teacher to student ratio in key areas of our pre-primary program with our Small Group Rotation method.

Literacy, Pre-Reading and Writing

Word Recognition -Recognizes first and last name -Identifies letter names and sounds -Imitates simple rhymes by reciting or singing -Builds new vocabulary -Strengthens visual discrimination Reading Comprehension -Tells simple stories from pictures and books -Identifies the beginning, middle, and end of a story -Answers questions about a story Literary Response -Acts out an imaginary event -Actively looks for things that an adult talks about in a picture book -Engages in conversation to communicate thoughts, feelings, and ideas -Builds listening skills Writing Process -Concepts of print: left to right direction -Copies letters, numbers, shapes -Holds a pencil, marker, crayon correctly -Draws pictures and dictates sentences about stories and experiences


Number Sense & Computation -Demonstrates understanding of addition – how many in all – using objects -Demonstrates understanding of subtraction – how many are left – using objects Algebra -Demonstrates ability to sort, classify, and name objects by common characteristics (size, color, shape) -Recognizes, copies, extends, and creates patterns with objects and drawings Geometry -Identifies and copies circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, stars, and diamonds -Uses position words to indicate where things are in space and follows directions to place an object in an indicated space (in, out, on, off) Problem Solving -Identifies the missing parts of an object in a set -Follows steps in a routine and tells what activity comes first and what follows -Uses trial and error to solve problems


The Pre-K classroom has its own computer to facilitate access to technology at any time of the day. Some of the tasks our younger students work on include: -Using computer programs to create picture stories -Using a computer mouse: click, click, and drag exercizes -Using the Internet to explore kid-friendly websites including Starfall

Creative and Spiritual Development
Stacking Pieces
Children's Storybooks

St. Bartholomew School believes that fostering spiritual growth and encouraging creativity, is critical in developing a healthy and whole child.  Children in our program benefit from the many resources already available at our grade school, including a new gymnasium, an art and music department, and a warm and inviting library, as well as weekly mass and instruction about how God is part of their lives.


Creative Arts

Studio Arts -Explores a variety of art processes: painting, drawing, sculpture, weaving, collage, etc. -Uses a variety of art materials: crayons, tempera paint, watercolor paint, colored pencils, markers, oil pastels, art chalk, clay -Experiments with mixing paint colors Music -Sing traditional songs, modern songs, and songs that enhance the curriculum -Participate in movement songs and dances -Use scarves, rhythm sticks, and bean bags to practice rhythms -Use a variety of children’s instruments Dramatic Play -Participate in dramatic play through our Puppet Show Theater -Dramatize familiar stories -Act out the movements and sounds of animals​


-Listen to Old and New Testament Bible stories -Recognize that plants, animals, and human beings are God’s creations -Recognize that God created families to love and take care of one another -Learn about God’s love -Listen to stories of the life of Jesus -Learn Jesus’ teachings to love God and love others ad more -Learn the Hail Mary and the Sign of the Cross​ -Participate in daily prayers and weekly Mass