St. Bartholomew School is a Catholic School that educates within the Catholic faith.  This education stresses not only learning about God and his love for us, but also how to care for others.  Learning within a faithful environment teaches our students that they are valuable and that they matter as children of God.  It also means that they learn the value of others and that serving others is one of the greatest ways we show our humanity and faith in God.

Our Catholic identity is the core around which our educators instruct our students and help them reach their full potential both as students and as caring members of their community.  

Teaching Faith & Service

Faith is intertwined with daily life at St. Bartholomew School.  Each student has religion class built into their academic curriculum.  Faith and service are also part of every day in ways that are not limited to the classroom.  

  • Weekly mass for the whole school

  • Morning prayers

  • 4th Grade presentation of Stations of the Cross

  • Annual All School Living Rosary

  • Sacrament preparation

  • Saints Presentation to the School by the 8th Grade

  • The Annual Seder Meal

  • Altar Serving Instruction

  • Christmas gifts for children and mothers at Mary's House

  • Liturgy Committee

  • School Supply drive for children in need

  • Visiting the elderly at St. Bartholomew House

Religious Education
Why Do We Serve?

Our religious study program is designed to teach students about our Catholic Faith.  It is structured to allow individual spiritual growth in response to  God who speaks to us through Scripture, the Church and in our world today.  We provide students with the opportunity to examine life in a Catholic atmosphere and encourage them to take on leadership roles by sharing talents and time with those less fortunate.  

Our service initiatives are designed to motivate students to collaborate on service projects wit classmates, House Teams, and with the Parish.  Together, we successfully contribute not just to the school's culture of giving, but to the outside community as well. These projects afford students the experiences that enable them to connect local concerns with global issues, to gain an awareness of others, and to develop a mindset that will serve them beyond their time at St. Bartholomew School.  

Some projects for the 2018-2019 Calendar are:

  • Socktober (month long collection of socks for the homeless)

  • Thanksgivng Food Drive in Partnership with the Greg Gannon Canned Food Drive

  • Adopt-a-Family Christmas Drive

  • Baby Shower for Mary's House

  • Coats of Many Colors and Winter Accessories Drive

  • Lenten Food Drive

  • School Points Drives include Penny Wars to benefit the ADW Missions office, Soldier's Angels, and Oral Hygiene Month