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St. Bartholomew Student Life

St. Bartholomew students enjoy an 11 acre campus with two athletic fields, a new gymnasium, a new playground, an outdoor classroom, recently remodeled classrooms, and a variety of opportunities to grow and challenge themselves in different areas.  To engage students intellectually,  physically, and spiritually, the school provides developmentally appropriate activities both during the day and after school.

Students receive religious instruction and attend Mass weekly to reinforce the importance of faith and God in their daily lives.  

Our school schedule is designed to make sure that all of our students are able to have recess breaks as needed at each developmental stage.  Younger students enjoy 2 outdoor recess times, as well as the ability to move throughout the campus during the school day.  Older students have 1 outdoor recess per day, and move throughout the campus as well.  An active student body is part of maintaining a healthy and active campus.  

Browse below to learn more about student life at St. Bartholomew!

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