Main School Telephone Number


Mr. Frank English


Ext.  11

Ms. Jacqueline Edmunds

School Office

Ext.  10

Ms. Neda Ghassabeh

Admission and Dev. Director

Ext.  12

Ms. Chris Davison

Librarian & Assistant Principal

Ext.  15

Sra. Silvana Lazarte

Spanish Teacher

Ext.  16

Ms. Joanne Hall


Ext.  17

Ms. Laura Digges

Reading Specialist

Ext.  18

Ms. Anne Marie Coakley

Kindergarten Teacher

Ext.  20

Mrs. Karen Giblin

Kindergarten Aide

Ext.  20

Mrs. Rachelle Phalen

1st Grade Teacher

Ext.  21

Mrs. Jennifer Slater

Primary Aide

Ext.  21

Ms. Bridget Donofrio

2nd Grade Teacher

Ext.  22

Ms. Kerry Parker

3rd Grade Teacher

Ext.  23

Ms. Constable-Allen

4th Grade Teacher

Ext.  24

Ms. Ellie Tehan

5th Grade Teacher/8th Gr. Math

Ext.  25

Mr. Christopher Hughes

6th Grade Teacher/Social Studies

Ext.  26

Mr. Charles Black

7th Grade Teacher/Science

Ext.  27

Mrs. Germania Rebaudengo

8th Grade Teacher/Math/Religion

Ext.  28

Ms. Felicia Carlini

Middle School English Teacher

Ext.  29

Mrs. Katherine Plunket

Pre-K Teacher

Ext.  30

Kirsten Howard

Pre-K Aide

Ext.  30

Mr. Daniel Phillips

PE/Facilities Director

Ext.  31

Mrs. Barbara Brown

Resource Specialist

Ext.  32

Ms. Amanda Herndon

Resource Specialist

Ext.  35

Mr. Daniel Villar


Ext.  33

Mrs. Karen Fogleman

Math 5th, 6th, and 7th

Ext.  34

Mrs. Ivi Bradley

Art Department

Ext.  41

Mr. Marcos Martinez



Ext .31

Father Mark Knestout


Tel: 301-229-7933, ext. 18

Father Timothy Daniel

Parochial Vicar

Tel: 301-229-7933, ext. 22



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