Philosophy and Structure

St. Bartholomew School believes that developmentally appropriate testing is an essential tool for both the students and their families, as well as for their teachers and the administration.  Testing, in order to be most effective, should not only be designed to help a student learn to manage school assessments, but also accurately determine if a child is learning and how to improve that learning process.  Most importantly, a student should feel that he or she is able to learn, and will be able to show that in a way that is developmentally appropriate.  


Teachers use a variety of informal formative assessments throughout each unit to continually assess student progress.  Once progress is properly ascertained, teachers use that information to direct and guide their instruction.  The types of informal formative assessments range in scope and type depending on the ages of the students and the subject matter. 


Younger students will be assessed with tools as simple as worksheets.  Testing skills progress in the lower school to include quizzes and unit tests in major subject matter, such as vocabulary and spelling tests in Language Arts.  Upper School students continue the assessment progression and learn to take unit exams, as well as midterms and finals.  This preparation at middle school grade levels helps students transition to high school exam taking, and teaches them to manage long term projects.   

Scantron Performance Series is used as a benchmark assessment tool two to three times a year to assess students' math and reading knowledge.   St. Bartholomew School utilizes their interactive testing method to do the following:

  • Assess a student's current knowledge/level.  Individualized results help us get to know each student's ability and place them in the best working group for them to thrive

  • Determine what areas students or classes are generally weak or strong in to make sure that academic and teaching emphasis is placed where it should be

  • Observe and analyze progress throughout the year.  Progress levels are used by teachers and the administration to determine if the current program is working, or if changes need to be made in order to improve student learning

  • Ensure that all students have reached the ADW goal by the end of the year

  • Ensure that each student has reached their own personal growth goal by the end of the year.  Scantron gives each student a goal after the first test based on how they scored on that assessment.  It them provides information for them about how far they need to grow to be successful that year.  Students that are above grade level are still aided by teachers to increase their knowledge.  Students who are at or below the district expectation still have a reasonable goals to achieve to remain at grade level and thrive.

Informal Formative Assessments
Standardized Testing