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Interactive Technology

Technology is a critical part of a 21st century education, and St. Bartholomew integrates it in a meaningful way.  Every classroom has high-speed, secure wireless internet connections. 


Chromebooks are available to students at every grade level.  In addition, each classroom has a computer, a Mimio Interactive Whiteboard, and a high definition projector with an integrated sound system.  These solutions allow every teacher to use the latest interactive technology to support learning and create engaging lessons. 


Our Mimio Whiteboards allow teachers to bring the overhead projector to the digital age.  Anything done on the computer can now be done in front of the class on a large interactive whiteboard, allowing for a complete multimedia experience.  Educational software packages allow for interactive lesson plans, complete with sound and responsive modules that can be used at every grade level.  

Students learn with hands-on-activities while gaining important technology skills.  

St. Batholomew Interactive Classroom Photo
Computer Lab

St. Bartholomew School has a dedicated computer lab.  Students from both the lower and upper schools have computer class at least once a week.  Classes are broken down into smaller sizes so that the student to teacher ratio remains low at all times.  

Computer class is designed to be age and developmentally appropriate for each grade.  Internet safety is taught from Kindergarten through 8th grade and is a fundamental principle instilled in every class.

Lower School students are given instruction in various software platforms, including Keyboarding without Tears, Microsoft Word, Power Point, and Excel.  Various sharing platforms such as Google Docs and Google Slides are taught.  

In addition to the software and sharing platforms above, students are introduced to Robotics, Publisher, Computer Languages, Multimedia methods, Graphics inclusion, and Microsoft Suite. 

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