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The Difference Made by Our Personalized Approach

St. Bartholomew teachers and specialists differentiate instruction and support to meet all students’  learning styles and needs in a whole class setting.  Advanced students receive extra challenges in areas where they excel.  Students with documented needs (Individualized Education Plan) have a full Resource and Inclusion Team working with them to achieve their academic goals.  Based out of our dedicated Resource and Inclusion Center, this Team works to understand and utilize each child’s learning style to create pathways to success.  


The staff meets regularly as a team and with classroom teachers to collaborate and share best practices.  Explicit and implicit instruction are presented using a multi-sensory approach.  Students work with the Resource and Inclusion Team to develop an understanding of their own unique learning styles.  Building on success, students demonstrate their knowledge through various modalities, such as oral presentations, writing, literature circles, visual arts, and traditional reports.  The pace depends on the learning style and ability of a student.


The Resource and Inclusion Center begins to work with children as early as age three.  Support and services include classroom observations, temporary accommodations and interventions, parent and teacher team meetings, consultations with therapists or evaluators, and assistance in developing and implementing accommodations or individual education plans.  Enrichment classes are typically offered in lieu of a foreign language class.  The Center provides tiered instructional support while teaching study skills and strategies for academic success.  The friendly and supportive space is staffed by four experienced educators. 


  • Mrs. Barbara Brown has her Masters of Arts Degree in Education and Human Development, Special Education certified.  She works with children in all grades and has been part of the resource inclusion program for 18 years.

  • Mrs. Laura Digges is our full-time reading specialist, who assists in all grades, but concentrates her efforts in grades PreK-3 through 4, offering reading differentiation during this critical period of reading development.

  • Mrs. Karen Fogleman has taught students in the special education and resource classes for 22 years.  She holds a Master of Arts Degree in Speech and Language Pathology.

  • Mrs. Amanda Herdon has a degree in special education and has served as a special educator in the Archdiocese of Washington for more than 20 years.  She is on the board of Potomac Community Resources (PCR,) which is an organization that provides services and classes to adults with developmental differences.  She has won special recognition for her commitment to special education and was recognized by Disney as a superstar teacher.  


To learn more about our teachers, visit their biography pages.  

Resource Teacher

Mrs. Brown

Reding Specialist

Mrs. Digges

Mrs. Fogleman

Special Education Teacher

Mrs. Herndon

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