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The Difference Made by Our Personalized Approach

The learning process differs for many children.  St. Bartholomew teachers and specialists differentiate instruction and support to meet the learning styles and needs of all students.  Our advanced students receive extra challenge in areas where they excel.  Our students who need extra support have a full resource team working with them to achieve their academic goals.  Our resource education teams meet regularly to collaborate and share best practices.  We refine methods and materials and redesign our approach for instruction.  We work to understand a student's learning style.  Students can demonstrate learning through structured options such as presentations, writing, literature circles, visual arts, traditional reports and "acting it out".  Grades Pre-K through 5 also have the assistance of a full time Reading Specialist, Ms. Laura Digges, for reading differentiation during this critical period of reading development.

In addition to these classroom approaches, St. Bartholomew has a dedicated Resource Center with a full time Resource Teacher, Ms. Barbara Brown.  Ms. Brown has her Masters of Arts Degree in Education and Human Development, as well as a MSDE Advanced Professional Certificate in Special Education, ages Infant - 3 and Grades 1-8.  With additional classroom materials, intervention programs and the latest software and technologies, the Resource Center provides time for remediated instruction, additional practice and skills strategies for homework, organization and assessments.  

Finally, St. Bartholomew has recently added a full time special education teacher, Ms. Amanda Herndon to the staff.  Ms. Herndon has been a special education teacher in the Archdiocese of Washington for over 13 years.  She serves on the board of PCR and has won special recognition for her commitment to special education and supporting children, adults, and their families.  She has been recognized by Disney as a superstar teacher.  

Reding Specialist
Resource Teacher
Special Education Teacher
Resource Overview

The trajectory for resource service and support is based on the individual needs of each student throughout the school year.  St. Bartholomew School provides specialized and differentiated instruction with additional opportunities for practice of classroom learning activities.  This support can increase achievement in the sequence of development and activities related to specific goals in each grade.  The pace depends on the learning style and ability of a student.  

Skillset Focus

Resource supports and services all grade levels.  Resource can develop and implement an intervention, accommodations, or a modified curriculum plan in order to meet the academic and unique needs of a student.  

The standards and skillsets in each grade help to create student goals and are included in the annual development of a student plan.  

Eligibility for certain plans and ongoing support will require an individual evaluation to identify any disabilities and the need for special education support and services.  Evaluations are accepted from private services and your LEA (i.e. MCPS).  

Materials and Tools

Software and other programs designed to facilitate learning differentials include:​

  • IXL Reading & Math:  Individual analytics, recommendations, and continuous diagnostics

  • Learning Ally:  Audiobooks with text

  • Keyboarding without Tears

  • Digital Readworks:  Comprehension practice with varied methods of response

  • Explode the Code:  Workbook based method

  • Read^Ology: Multisensory reading curriculum and intervention for Pre-K and Kindergarten.  

  • Additional sites and apps are explored and practiced, including quizlets, Kahoot and Plickers

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