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Numerous studies show the holistic benefits of the arts in a child's education.  At St. Bart's, students express themselves with music, art, theater, and other enrichment programs that compliment and expand upon our academic curriculum.  Our art teacher, Mrs. Bradley, has her own work exhibited in the DC area, including a painting in the British Embassy.  In addition to teaching music, Mr. Villar is a composer and St. Bartholomew graduate.

School Music Program

Through the experience of singing, moving, playing instruments, and improvising, children experience another type of learning. These skills  engage students in a wide variety of mathematic, cultural and historical subjects. In music class, students learn better coordination and enhance their musical vocabularies, while gaining confidence to express themselves in a new way. Our students study a variety of musical styles and genres, while learning about their origins and their relation to other disciplines.

All students:

  • play a variety of instruments

  • listen to and assess different elements of music 

  • examine techniques for proper instrumental and vocal performance

  • learn appropriate vocabulary for discussing music.

The upper grades will learn rhythmic/melodic notation and advance their ability to read music.

We prepare music as a whole school for the annual Christmas Pageant, a highlight of the St. Bart's experience.  We also prepare for Mass both musically and spiritually, learning more about our faith through song.  All grades also have the chance to lead music during weekly Masses throughly the year.

St. Bartholomew School ADW Band Concert
ADW Band Program

St. Bartholomew School participates with the ADW Music Program.  The school band is a wonderful way for young students to be introduced to band instruments and to playing ensemble music.  

Students who participate in the program are given private instrument instruction at the school once a week throughout the school year.  Students also participate in a once-a-week, after-school band practice with other students in the band.  

Band members perform at two band recitals a year.  Our band director is Ms. Caroline Aylward.


The Fine Arts curriculum focuses on Elements of Art and Principles of Design, as well as exposure to Art History and visual artists.  Visual processing, critical thinking, and the development of visual/spatial intelligences are major areas of study.  The curriculum provides the opportunity to work on a wide variety of techniques, such as drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, collage, assemblage, and photography in smaller or larger format.  The program stresses that children should have access to different materials and techniques from an early age to build their visual art vocabulary.  Art lessons are often supported with age appropriate literature and, when relevant, with cross-curricular connections with their academic subject matter.

Fine Art Curriculum by Grade:
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