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Pre-K & Kinders
Pre-Kinders and Kinders mostly focus on basic skill development for locomotor (gross motor) skills.  These skills are the starting point for future sports and leisure activities, including team sports and dance.  We work on hand-eye coordination and overall body awareness, using games and other activities that challenge our young Bobcats in an entertaining way.

Grades 1-4:
Skill development expands into hand-eye coordination for specific skills/sports.   Rules are explained for further understanding of sportsmanship within the game.

Grades 5-8:
Overall physical development is increased with the introduction of exercises and drills to focus on specific skills.  Sportsmanship and respect within a Physical Education class are highlighted, while individual development and competition are addressed.

Our student athletes participate in a variety of CYO Sports, and after-school enrichment program through Xcel Fitness & Youth Sports.  Outside of school, many of our students are dedicated athletes who participate in a wide variety of club teams.

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